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Why You Should Partner With Us:

Whether you are looking to sponsor an event, have your own employees participate or need motivated students to help with your own environmental project, we provide the resources and help you are looking for


Tangible Sustainable Action

Our events, ranging from tree planting to insect house construction, lead to real, positive environmental outcomes. We're not just talking about sustainability; we're actively making it happen.


Networking with Purpose

When you partner with us, you gain access to a unique networking opportunity. Engage with passionate students and professionals in an informal, relaxed setting. It's more than just connecting; it's about forming meaningful bonds with individuals who share your commitment to sustainability.


Sustainability Initiative

In 2023/2024, we're planning an inspiring series of events that will leave a lasting imprint on the environment of St. Gallen. Your involvement will contribute to these strategic efforts.


Trackable Impact

We take accountability seriously. Our impact measurement framework allows you to see the direct and indirect effects of your partnership with the oikos Action Days. These inspiring moments will also be captured in many pictures and videos to inspire further students and companies.

Ready to take the next step towards meaningful sustainability impact?

Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities that align with your vision and values.

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