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About us

We are a newly founded oikos project looking to address a perceived lack in ‘hands-on’ action at the University of St. Gallen for conserving and protecting the local environment.

Our vision

We want to bring together students and organizations passionate about using their time and resources for helping our environment.

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Empower Sustainable Action

Be part of real change by participating in hands-on, impactful sustainability projects


Build Invaluable Connections

Connect with industry experts and potential employers in a relaxed, networkig friendly environment.

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Shape a Responsible Future

Be a catalyst for positive change at the University of St. Gallen and in Switzerland.

The Team

Through various previous engagements, our team has gathered valuable experience organizing events, volunteering and leadership in the wild.


Meet the Board

Partners & Relations

Responsible for corporate partnerships and , our P&R team members are here for any query you may have



The Events team sets up, organizes and manages all Action Day events, looking to ensure they create a sustainable impact



Tasked with building up and promoting the Action Days brand, our Marketing Team works hard at coming up with and creating innovative new ideas

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